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Gerald A. Moore Sr. Corporate DEI Speaker and Student Motivational Coach Mr. Moore is a powerful speaker who uses his story as at-risk youth to inspire and motivate disadvantaged and underserved students. He teaches how he overcame being a low achieving student to working for some of the top consulting firms in the world. Mr. Moore leverages his experience with racism in corporate America as a diversity and inclusion speaker focusing on how to discuss race in the workplace.

Mr. Moore is a graduate of Norfolk State University where he achieved a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. He has over 20 years of experience as a federal government contractor as an information Technology and Cybersecurity Engineer. He has also worked as an educator in the public school system teaching technology.

Mr. Moore is a two-time Amazon Best Selling Author most noted for his first title “Motivate Black Boys - How to Prepare for Careers in STEM.” He is also the founder of Mission Fulfilled 2030 nonprofit organization and the Technology School for Black boys. He has been featured by many media outlets and publications such as  Black Enterprise, NBC, Sirius Radio, iHeart, Washington Times.



Gerald A. Moore Sr. Black Enterprise Modern Man

"Gerald A. Moore Sr. is a powerful speaker, with a mind-shifting message, on a relevant and necessary mission. He is guaranteed to deliver a transformative experience to any audience looking to be inspired and energized to make a difference."

Alfred Edmond Jr. | SVP Black Enterprise Magazine

-- Alfred Edmond Jr. "The Successpert" SVP Editor-at-large Black Enterprise



Sophia Melone
Chief Facilitor
Gerald is a profound speaker! I happened to hear his interview on Black Enterprise's Beyond The Hype. Hearing his story and learning about his passion for advancing black youth, especially in STEM, was inspiring. Gerald spoke on diversity & inclusion, education, and economics in disadvantaged communities all in one 40-minute segment. Although his words were geared toward empowering black youth, it empowered me as a woman to support the cause. What a very enlightening and powerful speaker! I would recommend Gerald to be the keynote speaker for ANY youth empowerment or STEM event.
Gladys Juca
Gerald Moore was one of the speakers at the STEM Summit'20. As he shared about his educational path and how he overcome many obstacles throughout his career, he truly inspired me to learn about how to differentiate between a job and a career, how to become a person of value and why I should find a sponsor/mentor. He has great motivation and dedication to give back to the community and to students interested in a career in STEM.
Mahmia Richards
Meridian PCS Board of Finance Chair
Gerald Moore is a dynamic, energetic, and authentic speaker. DC Black MBA invited him to join a panel discussion on leadership in our community. He and other panelists spoke passionately about why black representation matters in key areas such as education, healthcare, politics, & business ownership. Our attendees, including myself, were inspired by his success story. It was truly a pleasure to have him join us and we look forward to future collaborative projects.
Brandon Dinkens
Had the pleasure of hearing Gerald speak at the STEM summit 2020. It was a great experience hearing his story and experience, truly motivated me. Not only did his talk inspire me and reevaluate some things in my life. He also took the time to message me back after I sent him an invite. We had a chat and was one of the most informative talks I've had. He is very encouraging and gave me great advice. I would highly recommend him.
Kesha Carter
Chief Diversity Officer
The passion and excitement Gerald has for engaging young black men in technology are Extremely evident in everything he does. My son has discovered a serious interest in computer technology as a result of the work he began doing through the programs Gerald offers.
Dr. Warren Benson
Technical Training Designer
Gerald Moore has innate talents, which he has honed to a level I've rarely come across. He motivates people to rise to their "best selves," whatever and whoever that may be, in a way that is inspiring and individualized. The true magic that I've seen (and experienced first hand if I'm being completely honest), and which is all too rare, is that he builds in an element of accountability and a "call to action" that is left with those he's come into contact with.
Christina Poole
Frontend Engineer
Genuine, insightful, and enthusiastic are 3 choice words to describe Gerald's public speaking. I am grateful to have witnessed Gerald's resonant presentation on overcoming workplace minoritization at the 2020 STEM Success Summit. In 20 minutes, Gerald effortlessly electrified the space with his vibrant energy and equipped me with quality coaching to advance my career and my life.
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